Drinks – Perry and Wine (2019)

Lilley’s Cider


Bee Sting 6.8%

BIB Bee Sting Still 6.8% Lilley's 10L

A still medium sweet perry oozing with subtle flavours and with cult status among many of its devotees!

Pickled Parrott 6%


BIB Pickled Parrot 4% Lilley's 20L

This traditional perry is naturally cloudy and full of flavour. It is of medium sweetness with just a hint of acidity.

Snails Bank

Very Perry 5%

Snails bank Very-perry

Made from Stinking Bishop pears with all the hallmarks of a top quality perry.

Celtic Marches

Crackling Rosie 4.5%

celtic marches cracklin rosie

Bronze medal winner at Glintcap 2018. Made from 100% British pressed pear juice. A crisp medium perry with a slight green hue.

Clementine Perry 4%

Made using real pears, perfectly partnered with the fresh citrus of clementines.

Wine List

Available by the glass or bottle

Pinot Grigio