Drinks – Ciders (2019)

This year we have a great selection of ciders for you to try!

Lilley’s Cider

Lilleys cider logo

A family run cider company based in Frome, Somerset, producing a range of traditional and experimental cider and perry blends.
Lilley’s ciders contain sulphites and sweeteners and are suitable for vegans and coeliacs.

Apple and Blackberry 4% 

Expertly blended crisp Somerset cider with apple and blackberry juice.

Mango 4%

Smooth and sophisticated, made with an ample portion of mango juice and Somerset cider.

Rhubarb 4%

We have expertly blended our crisp Somerset cider and tangy rhubarb to make this taste sensation! Sweet and full of rhubarb flavour with a tart edge to it.

Rum 4% 

A quality medium cider made from a blend of bittersweet and medium apples. This unfiltered cider is smooth and mellow with a hint of rum.

Cherries & Berries 4% 

Somerset cider bursting with berry scrumptiousness! Crafted with the most sublime cherries and berries, this mouth-watering cider is sweet with a soft underlying berry flavour and strong cherry notes.

Strawberry 4%

A sweet berry burst which sublimely compliments the refreshing bite of an apple in this moreish juicy cider.

Lemon & Lime 4%

A refreshing blend of tangy citrus fruits and crisp Somerset cider to awaken your taste buds. A real taste of summer!

Pineapple 4%

In this fruity fusion pineapple juice is paired with our crisp Somerset cider creating this exciting fresh flavour.

Peach 4%

Like biting into a juicy ripe peach, sweet and full of flavour. We have blended our Somerset cider with peach juice to create this incredibly scrumptious peach cider.

Lemon & Ginger 4%

This unfiltered medium dry cider has been expertly blended to bring out the zing of lemon and ginger. Great served cold or warm!

Pear & Raspberry 4%

A fruity delight with a sharp bite of raspberry. Blended with raspberry juice to make a refreshing drink come rain or shine!

Dark Cider 7.5%

This mysterious cider has a completely unique character. Dark in colour, it has woody and caramel notes.

Red Rabbit 6%

A rich and fruity rustic cider bursting with apple flavour. Cloudy and medium dry.

Wild Dog 7.5%

A traditional vintage cider left alone to ferment and mature, creating a more wild and rustic dry cider.

Snails Bank

snails bank logo

By selecting the best fruit, locally sourced in Hertfordshire, they produce craft ciders with a traditional twist. Snails Bank work with nature to bring out the natural flavours for results that speak for themselves.
Snails Bank ciders contain no additives. They are gluton free and suitable for vegans.

Apple and Ginger 4%.

A clear and refreshing medium cider pepped up with freshly ground root ginger.

Orchard Dry Cider 5.2%

Dabbinett apples feature highly in this blend along with other bitter sweet apples. A crisp, well balanced cider.

Appley Dapply 5.2%

A sweet, lively cider that blends traditional bitter sweet apples with a contemporary russet apple to make a light, refreshing cider.

Celtic Marches

celtic marches logo

Originally growing fruit and hops in mid wales for over 100 years, and with family members in the cider and brewing industry which has now enabled them to brew on their own farm. They pride themselves on their winning combinations of flavours. All Celtic Marches ciders contain sulphides and sweeteners. They are gluten free and suitable for vegans and coeliacs.

Lily the Pink 4.5%

Winner of the gold award at the international cider challenge 2018. Medium, fruity cider with a gorgeous pink hue and intense aroma.

Tutti Fruity 4%

Imparted with cherry and pineapple -exotic flavours to provide a unique tropical twist.